Deep Foundation, consisting of 3 emcees representing Queens and New Jersey, remains
a benchmark in socially relevant hip hop. With lyrics based on their lives and personal
experiences, CeeJay, ILL Poe and MUG Shot have given voice to an under-represented Filipino
American demographic, and seek to imbue their compatriots, both young and old, with a renewed
sense of cultural pride. Deep Foundation has brought its boom-bap era influenced hip-hop to
domestic and international audiences since 2002. With the release of their debut album,
“The First Draft,” and groundbreaking music videos for "Children of the Sun" and "Sleep,”
Deep Foundation has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide. In addition to
their musical success, the media has also taken note of their drive and originality, having
been featured in Filipinas Magazine, the cover of FOKAL Magazine, The Philippine Daily Inquirer,
The Myx Channel, PBS, The Filipino Channel, Spike TV and HBO. They have released a brandnew
EP entitled "Deep Foundation & Hydroponikz present Generation ILL" which is available now on
iTunes and CD Baby.

"Generation ILL" is a snapshot of today's world, the events that occur within it and the
experiences of the people involved. The 10-track offering features collaborations with
singer-songwriter Melissa Polinar, UK Beatbox Champion MC Zani, and West Coast emcees
Bambu and Rocky Rivera. The EP also includes three bonus cuts: two tracks from Deep
Foundation's debut album "The First Draft" remixed by Generation ILL and a previously unreleased
track featured in Deep Foundation's first music video "A Place Called Home."
Name: CeeJay
Birthplace: Jersey City, New Jersey
Hometown: Old Bridge, New Jersey
Influences: television, A Tribe Called Quest, Notorious B.I.G., the 1990s New York Knicks

Must haves on the road: Snacks, back-up snacks

Al Bundy Polk High moment: Handing the only undefeated team in my basketball league a season-ending the 7th grade. I think I had 8 points.

Did you know: CeeJay runs a DJ company, can keep his eyes open while sneezing and has the ability to speak clearly with a mouth full of food

Likes: Peanut butter, Snickers, "the running man," Three's Company re-runs

Dislikes: Mint chocolate chip ice cream, "the cabbage patch," The Nanny re-runs,
hip-hop vs rap debates
Name: M.U.G. SHOT
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
Hometown: Queens New York
Influences: Mom and Pops

Must haves on the road: Cell phone, window seat, at least one rest stop per state.

Al Bundy Polk High moment: Once scored 4 touchdowns in Madden

Did you know: M.U.G. Shot played the voice of Ghost Writer on the hit PBS program "Ghost Writer."

Likes: Chinese food hot sauce packets, basketball card player factoids, Peter Rosenberg's use of the
word "remiss," Jeopardy, Sudoku.

Dislikes: Chinese food mustard packets, cats, reptiles of any kind (except for Dinosaurs- those are cool)
Wheel of Fortune and Hairnets.
Name: ILL Poe
Birthplace: Bacolod City, Philippines
Hometown: Queens, New York
Influences: East Coast 90’s hip hop, the Philippines, gully people

Must haves on the road: Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte, iPhone, Macbook Pro, illegally downloaded movies.

Al Bundy Polk High moment: Appearing on two MTV shows and Court TV in the same year.

Did you know: That I had a Blackplanet, Migente, AND Asian Avenue account.

Likes: Mangoes or anything mango flavored, weather above 45 degrees, the word "callipygian",

Dislikes: Rambutan, weather below 45 degrees, the word "cahoots", Cowboys,